Grace at the Cortland Arts and Wine Festival 2018

One of the most fun things I experienced with promoting the Cortland Corset Company Mural and Restoration project was definitely building the costume that represents Grace in the real world for the Culture Council of Cortland County annual Cortland Arts and Wine Festival. I even found an old corset that had been manufactured in the factory. All elements were assembled together to make the most realistic version of a walking mural, right down to white body paint and hand painted tattoos. My booth was a combination of installation art, performance art and cosplay, event promotion as well as selling items I had created like buttons, stickers, posters and custom screen printed t-shirts all featuring the mural design. All funds raised were used directly toward completing the mural. Here you will find some highlights. I am over a month behind on this particular post because it wasn’t soon after that actual hustle for the mural began. All photos were captured by myself (just the selfie, really, ) Anthony Smith and Christine Shanks who have been such a huge support in this project overall.