Cortland Corset Company Mural at the Cortland Corset Building

I am an Artist and Creative Advocate in Upstate New York. I am advocating for a platform for other artists of my native city of Cortland, New York to create visual and public arts.  I also want to encourage artists from elsewhere to come and feel inspired and leave their mark.

I have reicieved partial funding of $2500 through the 2018 CNY Arts Decentralized Grant for Individual Artists. I am seeking from the community, both local and on social media, an additional $10,000 to fulfill the needs of the project.

It is a community based project meant to be a focal point, drawing attention to and awareness of what the current incarnation of the Cortland Corset Building has to offer. It has become a creative hub for artists, musicians and entrepreneurs, a hidden gem.

I will have volunteers from Tompkins Cortland Community College and SUNY Cortland art departments to assist in completing the mural. The deadline for completion is September 29th, 2018 for an unveiling in association with a reintroduction event to the Cortland Corset Building.  For this event, I am currently organizing an art exhibition and a call to artists and plan to include the assistance of Cortland Jr./Sr. Highschool students who maybe interested in pursuing the arts. The funds raised here will help with equipment rental, craft services, paint, brushes and other needed materials, and promotion.

I have designed hopefully the first of many murals and/or other visual arts installations in the area. Recently, I was involved in advocating for the Crown City Artworks Project which was a community approved program submitted to New york State for final approval as part of Downtown Revitalization Initiative, a $10 million grant from New York State, that would give a platform for artist to create public art to continue to beautify and grow the creative economy of the City of Cortland. 

The Cortland Corset Company Mural at the Cortland Corset Building is a celebration of past and present. It is a throw back symbolically to it's history, including the Cortland Wagon Company. The design is inspired by the businesses that were once there, while also reaching for the future and embracing the buildings new identity. It is a fictional character that represents past, present and future. She represents us all. Many people can relate to the hsitory of the building. My grandmother worked here. I also grew up  down the street. I take pride in my hometown and love the history, all the while embracing change.  I want to share my experience and continue to champion the arts in the area. This is my mark on my home.

Cortland is a city that has struggled over the years with the loss of industry, however it is a prime time for it to reinvent itself. Cortland is geographically located in Central New York right off Interstate 81, it is equal distant from New York City and Buffalo. It is nessled just south of the beautiful Finger Lakes region. Even Syracuse, Ithaca, and Binghamton are a stone's throw away, all of which have thriving art scenes and/or planned art districts. I am also inspired by Rochester's Wall Therapy, a continuous mural project.

Thank you all for your contributions, monetary or sharing is greatly appreciated!

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