An Inspiring Canvas: An Interview with the Cortland Standard

I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing front page article about the Cortland Corset Company Mural and Restoration Project. When Nicholas Graziano approached me for an interview, I was ecstatic. The project is beginning to gain momentum and getting into the public eye each and every day. I brought him to my shared studio space where I spoke to him about my vision of developing the arts in my hometown, lifting it up as it reinvents itself. He told me that it would probably be on the third page of the Cortland Standard. I was astonished to see that it made the front page on Tuesday, June 19th 2018! I read the article and felt like my vision came through.

Later Tuesday evening, I was House Managing for Cortland Repertory Theatre for out Preview Night of Saturday Nigh Fever and was absolutely and happily bombarded by guild members and patrons about the article and the project. It felt really good to have such a positive response and for people to express their understanding of my marriage between past and present in this project.

Now I am working on drop off locations for donations including businesses at the Cortland Corset Building, so stay tuned. In the mean time, donations are being accepted at:

I am also working on some incentives for both donors and sponsors. I will be announcing those in the next few days. Also, keep a look out for updates on my promotion of the project at the Cortland Art and Wine Festival in August.

Below you will find the full article. Please enjoy!

An inspiring canvas 1 – Cortland Standard_Page_1.jpg
An inspiring canvas 1 – Cortland Standard_Page_2.jpg
An inspiring canvas 1 – Cortland Standard_Page_3.jpg
An inspiring canvas 1 – Cortland Standard_Page_4.jpg