Next Steps: Research is Key

One of the things that I wanted to explore and expand upon with the Cortland Corset Company Mural and Restoration project was to restore the original ornate wooden windows. Unfortunately, while I was painting, I discovered that the windows were in great disrepair and beyond restoration due to over a hundred years of exposure to the elements.  This part of the project is far more extensive than I had originally believed. 

I am not a wood worker, and this is outside of my wheel house of current skill sets, but I have an idea, I am willing and eager to learn, and more than capable of planning and managing a creative project. For the next year, I am sure I will be researching how to replicate and replace the windows and hopefully work with the building owner of the Corset Company Building to find grants that could help fun this massive undertaking of a project. When I declared I wanted to do it, I didn’t realize how much work would be involved until I hit the tip of the iceberg with my research when I began to paint the mural. This is going to take some time... 

My goal is to create a community-based skill share project working with both Cortland Woodworks and the Owego Street Makery in order to replicate, build and replace the windows. Construction would be a winter project, learning from experienced wood workers, project open to community members who want to learn how to replicate and replace the windows and be involved with an on-going creative project. The new windows would then be installed in the spring or early summer.  

So, this is in the back of my mind, for now, as I gear up for 2019. For now, it is research and continuing to develop the creative network time to hopefully see this project through.